Who I am and what I do



As the president of an exclusive club for the elderly, I am in charge of coming up with fun activities for our members. Although this is a huge challenge in itself, I was raised by parents who made sure their kids developed a healthy love and respect for nature and thus enjoyed many outdoor activities tremendously. This is why I love planning trips on the weekends for club members so they get to genuinely enjoy spending time outdoors. If we aren’t bowling or visiting museums, we’d be fishing, boating, camping or birdwatching.

There are many members of our club who own RVs. This enables us to enjoy the RVing life during long weekends and holidays during the year. Some members have invested in truck tents, which can work just as nicely as any RV. I am glad that many RVer members of our club also own RV GPS devices that have enabled us to find RV-friendly routes and locations as well as points of interest all over the United States and Canada. I believe the GPS is one of the most innovative modern inventions of today.

Fishing is such a pleasurable and exciting (yes, exciting!) outdoor activities for the older generation. I have amassed a growing collection of fishing gear with the many trips my fellow club members and I have taken to numerous fishing locations, from small streams, lakes and rivers to offshore fishing places. Our group has explored the rich potential of fishing as a sport and as a special way of enjoying fish for dinner. I mean, it’s very easy to visit the supermarket and shop for fish, and anybody can do it easily. However, being able to do my own fishing and swap stories with my fellow members while waiting for the fish to bite, talking about our families and children and grandchildren and about our cares and concerns as members of the older generation, this alone provides many amazing experiences and opportunities to create memories while enjoying the outdoors.

There’s just something about being in the outdoors that makes people, even the old ones like us, really honest with our feelings about the world we inhabit in general and about our own lives and ourselves in particular. Let me share those journeys with you, one trip at a time, and let me hear your reactions, recommendations, corrections and whatever your thoughts are on what you read. It will surely make the journey more exciting and memorable. Please help me make this blog productive for you as it will surely be for me, as it gives me an outlet to share something of myself with you.