Why fish should be an important part of your diet



I’ve noticed that I started integrating fish into my regular diet a lot more since I started my angling expeditions. Of course, it’s a satisfaction I’m looking forward to partly because I will be eating what I will be catching. It’s kind of a primitive feeling, in a way, whenever you eat something you’ve fished or hunted all by yourself.

Once I started eating more fish, I went online and began doing a bit of research on the topic. The fact is that this food is packed with amazing nutrients I had heard nothing about prior to my taking up this hobby. Anyway, the whole point is that fish contains a bunch of healthy fats that cannot be found in other types of foods. We all love deep-fried vegetables, French fries, or even fried chicken.

However, I’ve learned that even some official associations that try to prevent heart disease endorse fish, in that they say that it’s healthy for you. Unfortunately, heart disease is quite common these days because people lead unhealthy lifestyles due to busy schedules and other reasons related to our jobs. I totally understand why you would be wary of eating more fish, especially as it is one of the most expensive things you can buy at a supermarket.

Even so, I would suggest starting a hobby such as fishing. Everyone has a car these days so it’s safe to say that you can go to an area in the proximity of your home so that you have a chance to use your tackle and equipment you might even be the owner of.

Women in particularly can benefit from eating a lot more fish, and let me tell you why. Fish is one of the few sources of vitamin D, which prevents osteoporosis and infections. There’s virtually no other way of synthesizing vitamin D unless you get some proper sun exposure. We all know how difficult that is in winter, and the fact is that sunbathing is less healthy these days when the occurrence of skin cancer is on the rise.

Finally, everyone likes intelligence. I find it very appealing and it’s one of the major features I found attractive in my partner, for example. While it might be difficult to grasp, the fact of the matter is that eating healthy fats on a regular basis can promote brain health and even diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

Several studies have found that MRIs of men and women have shown a larger brain volume in people who consume fish on a regular basis. Besides, the areas in charge of cognition and memory are significantly larger in people who eat fish regularly. In short, eat more fish! It’s good for you. You can even choose tasty varieties such as salmon, although it’s more expensive. But hey, if you’re lucky enough to live in an area where salmon fishing is quite common, you should have nothing against learning how to fish.

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